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All music was written, arranged, and produced by Brian Douglas for the B C D Music Project. It is an accumulation of musical ideas written for the guitar, creating a soundscape of beautiful melodies, chord progressions and textures with a sometimes haunting harmonic feel. It has been a long journey for the artist. Starting with the first album Here with me now. It started as a more experimental experience written at the start of the Covid pandemic. Things shifted a bit at the end of the pandemic but still wanting to perform live, things were still shut down, hence the album title Time will Tell. This last project From Life to Life is a more reflective look on life and eternity. Life after life. There is more to this life than the present. I believe it is always good to look to the future. I hope you enjoy this latest album. I hope that it brings as much joy to listen as it was to create. All songs are for sale on the Buy Music page and also on iTunes or Amazon. There is an iTunes link on the left of the page. Thank you for listening, Brian Douglas, B C D Music Project. The songs written and recorded are a representation of what the artist is able to replicate in live performance as a soloist.

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