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Brian Douglas has been playing, writing, and performing for the last forty-six years. His influences such as Blues, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Fusion, Experimental, and Contemporary have helped him to blend the many styles together, creating his own unique musical signature. In the last ten years, he has been honing his skills creating an eclectic form of instrumental guitar music. Born in San Luis Obispo CA, He relocated to Port Townsend WA with his wife Lynda.  With music being a life long passion, he has been fortunate enough to pursue his dream of learning and enhancing his skills in Jazz and Classical theory, as well as the intricacies of guitar technique. He has started his new endeavor, The B C D Music Project. His new album, "Here with me Now", consists of nine new songs in the Neoclassical and Contemporary Jazz style for the guitar. Other projects are in the future. Ever moving forward in Music.

Brian Douglas
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